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Hay muchos expectativas y asi.

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  1. War_Gamer says:

    Esto se pone interesante…. Don’t worry Dani!

    “La Tierra” te adopta con gusto.

    ( Buen giro de tuerca Armando).

  2. Hunter says:

    Este seria un excelente momento para poner un GIF.
    Buen cierre para esta semana caballero.

    • Ashis says:

      What does Mary say? “’I am the Lord’s servant.’” That is a godly teegane gal. Right? Lord, I trust you. “My fiance9 might dump me. My parents might freak out. Everybody might think I’m a tramp. My wedding dress may not fit, and maybe they even put me to death. Lord, whatever you want, I’m here to serve.” I mean, she’s a great gal. I could see why Joseph’s attracted to her. Character like that? She’s pretty brilliant. Mary answered, “’May it be to me as you have said.’ And then the angel left her.” That is the story. In summary, here’s what scripture says: “That sin has come into human history, but that Satan and sin would be conquered by the coming of Jesus, born of a woman.” No mention of the father. Inference of virgin birth. Fast forward, Isaiah 7. Virgin birth. “The son would be born to a virgin mother. His name would be Immanuel, which means, ‘God with us.’” Two chapters later, “He would be mighty God, King of Kings over all nations of the earth; rule and reign forever.” Fast forward to Mathew and Luke; “Fulfilled in Jesus with his virgin mother, Immanuel, God with us.” That’s what scripture says. A miracle enabled Mary to conceive of Jesus. He had an earthly mother, though no earthly father. Joseph was his adoptive daddy. The Bible is very supportive of adoption, and Jesus himself was adopted by Joseph. That’s what scripture says.

  3. O podría optar por un cambio de carrera y seguirle los pasos a su Señor Padre :)

  4. Retsnom says:

    Que la reina no tenia el pelo color negro? en la fiesta de Danny tenia el pelo negro, Se lo pinto o que pasa?

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