Una de Bunsen

Todavía es Miércoles en alguna parte del Pacífico, así que todavía cuenta.

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  1. Restsnom45 says:

    La verdad con tanto gorila (y otros primates) con super intelecto como que ya perdió el chiste, ya vayan probando con otro animal.

  2. Champy-kun says:

    Me encanta la referencia a uno de mis webcomics favoritos. Gran trabajo Armando, sigue asi :D

  3. HibikyWolf says:

    Geniaal. el doctor mono

  4. Spanish reader says:

    Ja ja ja…. Jorge Pinto te debe una referencia. Me gusto mucho. Y por favor que David no contrate a Adel Ortega en la Super Lavandería. Es muy flojo.

    Y todavía hay clases en este mundo…

    (Pero quizá que le venda al Papa Hamster al Doctor Mono, sería interesante ver que pasa).

  5. Felix says:

    Jajaja Doctor Mono, pues bastante común para mí, es mi.. heroe local, digamos.

  6. Ernesto Francisco González says:

    Solo deja termino mi tesis, y ya veo si me aviento al Phd XD

  7. War_Gamer says:

    Ja ja ja!!! Ya veo que no soy el único que se avienta “Bunsen” y “Super lavandería” XP Geniales al 100%

    • Zuikis says:

      You know I’m what you would call a nerd. I’ve devoted meylsf to a subject area I find fascinating and work for 30% below market rate in my area. I’ve just read your part on geeks and I have to say you’re right that these dudes are complete assholes. I also have to say that my studies in my area have certainly changed me as a person and govern how I view the world around me. With that said . I have none of the social awkwardness that u speak of despite my Ph.D. In fact most people never guess I have one until after a few hours on conversation my friends usually blurt it out without my consent. In fact despite this momentous accomplishment (the first in my family ever in 400 yrs on this continent), I’m ashamed of it because of women like you. On top of all that I work out every day and have a pretty decent build as a result. I make good $ and my friends tell me I’m interesting and fun to be around. Yet I can’t get a date to save my life in this area I’ve tried match.com: Jesus what a disaster. I’ll tell u my one short coming: 5 5 . Yeah that’s right I’m short and no matter how short the girl is she always tells me I’m just not that into it . I put it to you that women in the area are just plain SHALLOW focusing on the one thing a man cannot change about himself. There is no surgery on this planet that will make me 6 period. I put it to you author to come find those of us true nerds to who are successful and not arrogant and stop judging us for things we cannot change. I want to highlight one last caveat women judging men for their height is the single most SHALLOW judgement possible. If a girl has small breasts she can have surgery to fix that if it bothers her enough. The fact that no natural or artificial means can make a man taller indicates that this criteria is the most SHALLOW one possible. I’ve found that the plethora of men in this area (eligible or not ) have bread a segment of overly picky and SHALLOW women. Needless to say author I’m out of here ASAP and it’s your loss. Stop blaming others for your own shallow dating practices. FYI: The last 3 women I’ve asked out I’ve had no sexual or physical attraction to I liked them for what they were like on the inside. I’m sure you don’t believe me but too bad cuz it’s true.

  8. ¡Es un maton!
    ¡Es un estudiante de postgrado!
    ¡Es el gorila cadenero fisico nuclear!

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